Videos of the Week (updated 7/29/15)

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Shema and Bearing Witness
Letters & Nos. of Torah – Va’etchanan
Video - general
Parshah Mnemonics: Va’etchanan
Decoding the Hidden Messages
Video generic
The Crown of a Good Name
Learning Pirkei Avot on Five Levels
Video 3

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Monday Night Lectures

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The David Berg Foundation presents:
Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin
Monday evenings at 8:00-9:00 pm

(No charge ~ Everybody is welcome)

Rabbi Raskin’s Monday night lectures are available live via phone.

Phone Connection: Dial (605) 475-6150, pin: 307-9644. Since these classes are taped, once you’re connected, please *6 to mute until the Rabbi announces the Q&A period. Phone Connection is also available for the Women’s Wednesday Morning class.
If you want more information on the class, write to: or call 718-596-4840  x18.

Listen to Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin’s taped lectures online. Visit our archives.