Disclaimer Kashrus supervising authorities have been provided by the listed establishments. Congregation B’nai Avraham does not independently verify kashrus status.

Pardes Restarant
497 Atlantic Avenue
(between 3rd Ave. And Nevins)
(718) 797-3880
Mediterranean American Cuisine/Meat/Fish
Closed Fridays and Shabbat
OU Supervision Glatt Kosher

Wild Ginger
112 Smith Street
(718) 858-3880
Pan Asian Cuisine/Vegetarian/Vegan
International Kosher Council

Vegetarian Ginger
128 Montague Street, 2nd floor
(718) 246-1288
Pan Asian Cuisine/Vegetarian
Tablet-K-Kosher Supervision

Kosher Court Take Out
16 Court Street
(646) 267-0577
Pareve/Dairy Take-Out
Closed on Shabbat and Sunday
cRc Kosher Supervision

Court Order
26 Court Street
Non-Kosher Establishment with pre-packaged sandwiches/meat sealed with Star-K Supervision